Our ‘Top Yielder’ opportunities are larger ticket investment opportunities with investment terms of about a year, starting at a £50,000 minimum commitment. They are typically development deals which are subject to our strict governance process, utilising several measures in order to mitigate any risk associated with the project as far as possible. 

Our Top Yielders deals typically do not have rental yield pay-outs since they are development deals, meaning that investor funds are used to finance the development works. Thus, the benefit is all in the capital appreciation of the property. 

Rent is projected in the event that Yielders cannot achieve a satisfactory exit of the asset on behalf of the investors, which is subject to market conditions. Yielders would then offer the opportunity for investors to vote on whether to rent the property out. As per our stipulations, a simple majority of 75% is needed to pass the decision. Every investor has equal voting rights in accordance with Shariah principles.

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