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Our investors receive a share of the monthly rental income as dividends, with an average of 5%+ net. As our assets are pre-funded, they are often already let out, which means that you can earn monthly dividends almost immediately. 

Rental income is paid out on the first of each month, straight to the user e-wallet. This is paid after the month’s rent has been accrued. Please note that all investments are settled on the last day of the month, making you eligible for the following month's rent. E.g. for an investment made in October, the investor becomes eligible for November’s rent which will be paid on the 1st of December.  See example below. 

The return the investor gets is on each SPV advert under the heading ‘Pricing Method’. Each investment opportunity has its own unique amount of return, determined by market forces. You can select performance based on your investment objectives. We use historic data and forecasts from reputable surveyors and analysts to provide estimated capital appreciation. 

We sign agreements with our property management partners who underwrite the rent so that it remains in line with the rental projections that we quote on our assets. That said, Yielders cannot guarantee that the rental amount will stay fixed for ethical reasons. 

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