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Yielders Fees
Yielders charges a 2.5% structuring fee, a 10% management fee and a 15% profit share on exit. 

  • The 2.5% structuring fee is a setup fee, which is included in the property price when it is listed on our platform. 

  • The 10% management fee is designed to cover the costs the ongoing costs of managing the investment company and its assets. This includes our process of managing the share transactions between investors as well as oversight over the properties. This is charged monthly, based on the rental income. 

  • The 15% profit share is charged upon the maturity of the investment when the asset gets sold, provided a profit has been achieved. 

Do I have to minus the fees from my returns?
When you visit our website and you click the asset of your choice you will find a calculator of your returns at the bottom of the page. All of our projected returns are quoted to investors in net terms, which means our fees have already been deducted, so what you see on our website is 100% of what we aim to return to you, subject to the asset performing as per our projections.

Card Payin Fees

Card payins incur a charge of 1%, which is charged by our payment provider MangoPay. For more information on adding funds to your e-wallet, please click here

Direct Debit Fees
There is a £0.60 transaction fee added on top of each Direct Debit payment. 

Relisted Fees

For more information on Relisted Fees, please click here.

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