Sharia Compliance
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Yielders SPV’s is an investment platform structured in accordance with Sharia principles. Our platform does not use any banks to fund a property under any debt-based loan which charge interest. We, at Yielders, acquire properties debt free at the prefund stage, so an investor's money goes straight into the property.

Due to Yielders’ unique pre-funding model, there is no association with debt or leverage whatsoever in the assets that we provide. Moreover, sustainable and ethical investment is a core ethos of the company, which means that we will never invest in leveraged products, nor will we offer investments associated with weapons, gambling, alcohol etc.

Our Sharia Certification is provided by Sheikh Abu Eesa, backed by UK Islamic Finance Council (UKIFC).

Moreover, Yielders undergoes regular Shariah Assurance to ensure the company continues to remain compliant. 

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