When investing an amount over £1500, instead of using card payments we require our investors to use a bank wire transfer. There is no minimum amount for using bank wire transfers. When you trigger a bank wire transfer you will be provided with a unique reference code.

Please note: the amount and wire reference you have entered for your bank wire transfer must match exactly the values you enter on your online banking, for the transfer to be successful. 

You will receive an email with your transfer details, which look like the following: 

UK Transfer
If the transfer has been executed from a UK bank account before 10:00AM, provided that the above stated requirements are fulfilled, your payment should clear within the same day. Our payments provider clears payments in two tranches during the day, so it depends on the time at which the payment was submitted.

International Transfer
If the wire transfer is made from a non-UK account, it can take 3-5 working days to be reflected. If you have any queries with regards to your payments, please contact us at team@yielders.co.uk

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