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What can I see on my portfolio?
What can I see on my portfolio?
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The data points you can view on your Portfolio include:

  • Your Portfolio value

  • Total invested amount

  • Total rental earnings

  • Total profit share

  • Your accumulated yield

  • The number of properties you have invested in

  • Investment term remaining for each asset

  • Your investment analytics

  • Your investment goal

  • Your transaction history

To view these navigate to the "My Portfolio" page.

On the Dashboard you will see a detailed summary of your portfolio as well as the option to add funds or set up your Direct Debit.

Below this you will see an overview of the assets you have invested into.

On the Analytics section, you can set your investment goal and view your earnings to date by asset as well as your total amount invested.

Under My Investments you can view your transactions history and export this as an Excel CSV. You can also view your share certificated and sell your investments.

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