Direct Debit 

  • Yielders has now launched Direct Debit. This enables investors to automatically add funds to their e-Wallet on a monthly basis. Please note that currently, this is available for UK account holders only

  • The minimum Direct Debit amount is £50

  •  A transaction fee of £0.60 will be automatically added on top of each Direct Debit payment

  • Direct Debit payments are processed on the 20th of each month. If you setup your Direct Debit after the 15th of the current month, your first Direct Debit payment will then be taken out on the 20th of the next month

  • Please allow up to 5 working days for a payment to clear.

Setting up your Direct Debit

  1. To set up your Direct Debit, login to your account and navigate to My Profile.

  2. Click on your Dashboard

  3. Review your billings details and click "I confirm the address is correct". If this is not correct, please email with your new address, along with a proof. See further details here

  4. Enter your desired Direct Debit Amount, bearing in mind the minimum is £50

  5. Review your summary and the next three payment dates

  6. Click Continue to Mandate

  7. Review your details, tick the box and click confirm

Continue to Mandate will direct you to the following:

Check your details and click confirm. To view full details of your Direct Debit, click View Mandate. 

Amending your Direct Debit

  1. To amend your Direct Debit details, navigate to My Profile

  2. On your Dashboard you will see your Direct Debit Settings. Enter the amount you wish to setup and click Update Amount

  3. After reviewing the details, check that your Direct Debit Status is Active. You can switch on and switch off your Direct Debit Status at anytime

Cancelling your Direct Debit
To completely cancel your Direct Debit, simply navigate to the Cancel Direct Debit tab and click Cancel Direct Debit. 

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