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Relisting Fee Changes - August 2020
Relisting Fee Changes - August 2020

This article explains the changes to the fees for relisting shares on the secondary market.

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After consulting investor feedback, Yielders is pleased to announce a decrease in its fees for listing shares on the Secondary Market. Whereas before users were charged a £50 fee, requests to relist will now be subject to the following fee thresholds:

Key Points:

  • Fee is assessed on a per asset basis, but aggregated based on the total value of shares relisted from an asset

  • Each different asset that an investor releases shares from is subject to a fee assessment as per the 'Relisting Thresholds' above (i.e. 1 fee for relisting a given amount of shares in Asset X and 1 fee for shares listed in Asset Y in a given month)

  • Each fee is one-off per asset, so long as shares are listed in a given month

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