Relisting your shares on the secondary market is designed to be as simple and frictionless as possible. The following steps apply to the process:

Step 1: Login to your account

Step 2: Click on 'My Portfolio'

Step 3: Click 'My Investments'

Step 4: Locate the shareholding you want to sell all or part of and click 'Sell'

Step 5: Read the terms and conditions carefully and tick the box if acceptable to you

Please ensure you pay particular attention to the relisting fees involved.

Step 6: Toggle the monetary value of shares you wish to sell with the '+' and '-' buttons. The number of shares will adjust automatically.

Step 7: Click 'Proceed and Sell my investment' to finalise the transaction

Step 8: Sit tight while the operations team processes your request! We'll contact you at each stage of the sale

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