Yielders has what is known as a Secondary Market, which allows investors to relist their shares for other users to purchase. While there is no guarantee that the shares will be bought, there has been strong demand for relisted shares in the past. 

The availability of secondary market shares depends on user activity. We are pleased to say that secondary market re-listings are rare, such is the satisfaction of our investor base with our product.


As of August 2020, fees will be assessed via the following thresholds:

Key Points:

  • Fee is assessed on a per asset basis, but aggregated based on the total value of shares relisted from an asset

  • Each different asset that an investor releases shares from is subject to a fee assessment as per the 'Relisting Thresholds' above (i.e. 1 fee for relisting a given amount of shares in Asset X and 1 fee for shares listed in Asset Y in a given month)

  • Each fee is one-off per asset, so long as shares are listed in a given month

When to expect your funds 

Any re-listed shares go through the same process as original shares. Investments whereby secondary market shares have been bought will require to be settled on the last day of the month. As they are part of an ongoing dividend cycle, the seller will receive their funds on the 1st of the following month, and the buyer becomes eligible for the following month's dividend.

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